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Urbanears Tanto headphones Design & price

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the Swedish brand Urbanears occupies a good place on the market of audio misting. Its collections like, Urbanears Tanto headphones model does not fail to seduce you.


dr dre beats headphones is available in 14 colours: blue, black, grey, purple, grey, yellow, red, green, white... A palette of beautiful colors, enough to satisfy all tastes and all the cravings. The product is equipped with a classic design with of large removable pads overcome a fine lightweight adjustable pole.


Thanks to the wide, enveloping and removable pads adapting to all forms of ears, headphones Urbanears Tanto enjoys almost perfect insulation. The model is well protected from the surrounding noises and he lets out no sound.


Basses rendering is characterised by satisfactory power and depth. Audio spectrum connotes remarkable precision, clarity and fidelity. Urbanears Tanto headphones attests compatibility with all Apple products: iPod, iPad, iPhone4, 3GS, 3G... with a remote incorporating all the features attributed to authentic headphones Apple.


Urbanears Tanto headphones offers the advantage of having a featherweight during its use. It's just the feeling of wearing a helmet would feel. The foam pads are soft guaranteeing an optimal listening comfort for hours during. Removable pads allow the user to adapt them according to their needs on the ears thereby contributing to a better comfort of use.


Urbanears Tanto headphones is proposed at a price around EUR 37. To get a better price, everything everyone is invited to access a comparison of prices. Offers are highly variable from one site to another, take the trouble to compare prices proves extremely useful.


brand: Urbanears

name: Tanto

type: Nomad

link: Wired

frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 KHz

cable length: 1 m 2

Connector: 6.3 mm Jack / Mini 3.5 mm jack



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