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Introducing Monster Turbine Professional Headphones

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Head Monster Noel Lee personally made the new Turbine Pro headphones, utilizing highly developed layout, engineering and technologies to offer you a new volume of moveable audio overall performance geared toward serious audiophiles and audio pros. The new headphones represent the consummation of Monster's technique to headphone structure, which is to produce superior personal listening solutions that supply buyers exactly the same sonic effects, power and functionality as reference high-quality highend loudspeakers allowing them to hear all their favored new music the exact same way the artists and producers originally heard it while in the studio.

Monster Turbine Professional Gold

Along with Turbine Professional, Monster is also introducing its new superior performance "SuperTip" eartips that give top-quality sound isolation, though improving the overall effectiveness by preventing sound leakage. Monster's research on eartips has shown the tip significantly affects headphone efficiency and must be "tuned" towards the headphone. SuperTip eartips are being offered with Turbine Pro headphones in two sizes, small and massive. For those who love the traditional Monster eartips, three measurements are also bundled, alongside with traditional foam tips, and two sets of triplelayered eartips, so a great fit is practically guaranteed.

What About The Performance

With Turbine Pro, Monster got down to build a compact inear listening resolution for audio gurus that may virtually produce the identical sound that recording engineers, performers and producers hear while in the studio on their own huge widerange monitor speakers.

Lee: "We're all critical audiophiles and tunes enthusiasts at Monster, and our goal with Turbine Pro was to build a headphone capable of recreating every nuance of your professional instudio audio listening working experience, irrespective of whether the audio is hiphop, jazz, vocals, classical, or rock.

Noted Mr. Lee: "We're all critical audiophiles and tunes fans at Monster, and our goal with Turbine Pro was to build a headphone capable of recreating every nuance in the qualified instudio songs listening working experience, no matter if the new music is hiphop, jazz, vocals, classical, or rock. We wanted to replace this superior finish listening knowledge with something portable which will be put into your pocket. Imagine the speed and delicacy of an electrostatic speaker, using the power that only dynamic speakers can produce, coupled that has a subwoofer which can reproduce a real 20Hz tone. That's what you get with Turbine Pro. Many thanks to your use of new materials, proprietary driver design and style along with other engineering improvements, Turbine Professional delivers this audio, furnishing the very best listening alternative, regardless of rate. It's a cleanse and restricted seem that feels alive and lifelike, bringing a richness of audio detail to the new music that you may have never even noticed in advance of."

Monsterous Extras...

The new Monster Turbine Pro headphones will be readily available in November 2009 in two beautiful designs, gold with black chrome, and copper with dazzling chrome. To include to your Turbine Professional audiophile encounter, the headphones arrive packaged having an appealing, super comfortable sewn pouch and a matching clip pouch that could also house the eartips or headphones. For those who want to carry several forms of eartips, Monster has engineered gentle silicon, "revolver" design holder that neatly fits in the clip pouch.

Notably, Turbine Pro headphones have the industry's most one of a kind assurance. Being aware of that professionals and vacationers abuse their equipment, the business provides a onetime Lifetime Substitute Warranty although people break the headphones themselves. With its allmetal construction and robust strain minimize, Monster believes Turbine Professional is one of the most durable dr dre headphones at any time created.

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